Australian artist Steve McNaughton has a repertoire of over 50 original songs and 3 albums behind him. He has been writing songs for over 20 years and performing with different artists and bands around Sydney for nearly as many.

Steve’s first album “Hardly softly rock” was released in 1999. After releasing several singles on the Big Back yard compilation CD’s, Steve came to the music industry’s attention through distribution to music festivals in Midem France and Popkomm in Germany. Radio stations in the U.S.A., Germany and New Zealand then picked up on Steve's songs, "Stalingrad Still Stands" & "Hold Me Tonight”, songs that were inspired by a major battle of the Second World War and UN soldiers in Bosnia respectively. This later lead to ‘Stalingrad still stands’ holding down the top spot of the ‘Ison Live Radio International top 50 chart’ for several weeks and ‘Hold me tonight’ peaking at number 6.

In 2000 Steve released an EP for the 2000 Olympic Games called “Sydney Olympic City”. The lead tracks “Sydney you’re so beautiful” and “Excellence from every land” received airplay from visiting international television networks and overseas airplay, well after the games had finished.

Steve McNaughton’s second album “Storm Chaser” was inspired by Scott Currens and other American storm chasers. The Title song “Storm Chaser” is a high energy song that fully captures the fury of nature when the plains turn violent across the United States’ mid-west.
Steve McNaughton’s ability as a consummate songwriter and unique vocalist are fully portrayed in this CD as he takes his music, distinctly into crossover country yet still retaining a crisp pop edge.

Steve’s latest CD “ Eagles Aloft” has now taken him fully into the contemporary country music scene. Using West Coast Artists, some Americana and Nashville influences, for inspiration, the result is a slick album of Crossover Country. “Eagles Aloft” has already received a five star rating and an exceptional review from The in Nashville Tennessee! This album features a number of co-writes with Australian and U.S. writers the best of which seem to come from his main collaborator James Stewart Keene.

September 2021 saw the release of the single ” Start Again”, sung by Steve and featured artist James Stewart Keene. The song, specifically about remorse, was played across the credits at the end of ” Road to Cataract” a short film which premiered earlier that year. Using selected action footage from this short movie, a music video was released to support the song.

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